Cindy Hu

XENO Airport System




XENO Airport System


Harry Teng, Andy Lee

Harmonie Tsai

The goal of this project was to empower the deaf and hard of hearing in airport.

XENO airport system is designed around the idea of personalize airport experience for each individual passenger, especially the ones with disability. The system informs passengers wherever they are and ultimately empower passengers with freedom to travel around in airport We researched and thought about how we could benefit users, but also the airport from a business side. My contribution was research, ideations, concept, posters and UX/UI design. 




Kai Chan [Hard of Hearing]

"I have to stick around with the gate just in case there is no important information that I would miss"


Kimberly Han [Deaf]

"I try to explain my impairment to the staff, so that they can keep me informed. However, they make up stand out too much. We are not sick, we just can't h


Leo Samaniego [Hard of Hearing]

"I will keep it private. When I am with a large group of people, I feel invisible because I don't know what they are talking about."



1. airports are always very hectic and unpredictable 

2. information boards are fixed in certain location, it's very difficult to keep up with the updates

3. lack of way finding system troubles  passengers especially the ones with disability 


1. deaf passengers want to be INVISIBLE because they are afraid to ask for help because they are treated as if they are sick

2. deaf passengers want to be VISIBLE because they need help from airport staffs so they can board the plane easier

Design Criteria

System Diagram



Fast information access. With XENO system, the airport can track every single passenger through the RFID boarding pass. Passenger can access their most updated flight information while moving. The outer screens show different layers information base on the range passengers are in. The closer they are, the more detail information will show up. Each beacon provides access to 9 people at one time.

Personalize unique experience. Passengers also have the option to download XENO app to personalize their journey even further. XENO app is able to create best possible schedule of utilizing the time in airport for each passenger. 

Collect Airport Data. All the interaction happen between passengers and beacons, boarding passes and phone app generate data. Data show all activities happen inside the airport which can benefit the airport operation such as reduce wait time and understand high population area for setting up shops.

Anywhere and Anytime. The beacons and smart floor allow passengers receive flight information and other alerts whether they are stationary or moving,

Product Interface Videos

Product Posters

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