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weefoo is a smart restaurant and meal searching platform that allows users enter what food they don't want to eat instead of what they want to eat. One thing unique about the platform is meal focus and community sharing that allows users interact with others within the platform.

The platform is designed for everyone especially for college students and people in offices who often eat out and have hard time decide where to eat, users would be able to order delivery and make reservation through the platform.


With all of the restaurant searching apps on the market today, people still have trouble deciding where they want to eat.


Instead of asking user to input food that want to eat, weefoo asks user food they don’t want to eat.


Interviews/ Insights


1. Yelp is the most popular app for restaurant searching, people use it because they see other people are using it.

2. People have hard time decide which restaurant to go to even with the lists provided by Yelp.

3. People filter lists differently.

4. Pictures of meals are important, people need help decide which meal to order.

5. Random suggestions work.

6. User interaction within platform is important, people want to know what restaurants other people go to.

Design Criteria

Design Guide Words


Style Guide

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Persona 1 Novice User : Stella

College Student, Part Time CPA

This is the first time Stella uses weefoo, she receives lunch invitation from Kendrick via weefoo, after using web version, she decides to download the mobile app.


Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 12.06.23 AM.png

Personal 2

Intermediate User: Kendrick

College Student, Freelance Designer

Ken has been using weefoo for a while, he already created his profile page, he want to find a restaurant to go to for lunch with three other friends, he sends out invitation through weefoo. He also wants to make reservation before he heads out.



USER DEMOS (animated prototypes)