Cindy Hu



First Republic Bank

MyLife is an online platform developed to help First Republic reach more clients and become a trusted resource for financial goals and success starting with homebuying. 

The site hosts quality content in various forms such as articles, testimonials, infographics, videos, etc. along with the Comfort-ability Calculator to help people work towards homebuying milestones. 


User Testing

We understand the importance of real data and real feedbacks. We ran multiple rounds of user testing, especially for the navigation and the Comfort-ability Calculator. We made decisions and refinements base on human insights instead of assumptions.


The entire website, including the Comfort-ability Calculator is responsive to various device types. The UI meets required contrast ratios for visual impaired users, the experience also available for non-sighted users with voice assistant.

Comfort-ability Calculator

Goal - Create a calculator to help users determine how much they can comfortably spend on a house.

Challenge - First round of user testing feedbacks showed users were confused by the site navigation, they didn’t know how to get to the calculator, or they didn’t understand what are the numbers represent on the result page.

Solution - By changing the journey-based navigation to feature-based navigation allows users to access the calculator easily. Also by refining the hierarchy of number sets and adding visual elements allow users to understand the story on the result page.

By answering three questions (What’s your annual income? What are your monthly obligations? How much can you put down?) Users can find out how much of a house they can afford based on their previous inputs.

Users can adjust the house price by moving the slider on the result page, if the desired house price stretch or exceed the comfort level, the calculator would also provide suggestions on actions they can take to afford a more expensive house.

Users have the abilities to save results, share the tool as well as make appointments with bankers to discuss next steps.


Homebuying Resources

Goal - Provide users helpful homebuying resources.

Challenge - These resources include large numbers of articles, testimonials, infographics, videos, etc., they would be overwhelming for the users to browse through.

Solution - By organizing these content in the four different homebuying stages, users can access them easily:

  1. Getting started

  2. Planning your finances

  3. Making an offer

  4. After your purchase



Goal - Create a simple, easy to use form for users to request appointments with bankers.

Challenge - The original form was long because business needs to collect a lot of data in order to assign the user to a designated banker.

Solution - I organized all the questions into two steps, also make some of questions dynamic, they change based on what users answers in the previous fields, so users can skip the unnecessary ones.


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