Cindy Hu

la marathon




LA Marathon Rebrand


Los Angeles is know its wonderful weather and its scenic coasts. Through the new identity , I want people to be addictive to the marathon experience as well as the prosperous Los Angeles city. 


I was inspired by the scenic marathon course which is long and with multiple turns. I created the icon by using one single line forming the letter “L” and “A”. The way these two letters are connected formed a triangular shape. I wanted to show people the LA Marathon organization is accountable to the community, the participant and the city of Los Angeles through this triangular shape because triangle is the most stable shape among others. The turns in the icon created both sharp corners and round corners which are symbolizing LA Marathon is connecting people and communities with diverse cultures.


The color palette is based off from the scenic view through the marathon course, especially the Santa Monica pier. Santa Monica is where the finish line is. The primary colors palette are made up of three colors and a gradient color, the three colors are purple, blue- green, and grey. The standard version of LA Marathon logotype is made up of the blue-green and purple color while the icon is made up of a gradient palette created by the two primary colors of the logotype. The blue green color brings peace, love, honest, kindness and truth while the purple color brings accountability.