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the largest airline in Asia, the 4th in the world 

founded: 1988

headquarter: Guangzhou (Canton)

destinations: 1062 destinations in 177 countries

slogan: "Fly your dream."

flee size: 621 and 190 in order

alliance: SkyTeam

Competitor Color: Domestic

Competitor Color: International

Competitor Analysis


Key Attributes

Delightful Journey

Sincere Attitude

Streamlined Experience

Personalized Service

Modern Traditional

Embracing Different Cultures

Brand Driver: Current

Brand Driver: Future


Inspiration: Color

Inspiration: Logo

The headquarter of China Southern Airlines is Guangzhou which also known as the "city of goat".

The name came for an old legend.

One day there were five deities together with five goats with crops in the mouths, they came to the city to save the people from the poverty and natural disasters. When deities returned to sky, they let the goats stayed. The goats later turned into big stones to protect the city in the future. 

Lingnan is considered one of the most influential schools of painting in China.

Lingnan comprises a collective of Guangdong painters, who emphasize life and nature and have created a new Chinese art movement by instigating a synthesis between East and West.

The art is abundant in regional style and bright coloring techniques.

Logo Develop Stage 1

Logo Develop Stage 2


Logo Develop Stage 3

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Mobile App Feature List

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Mobile App SWOT Analysis


1. expand on features

2. promo the platform

3. land, on air users

4. merge in people's daily life



1. competition between airlines


1. user friendly

2. approachable design

3. large travel population, high demand

4. incorporate new technology

5. accurate information 


1. occasional need ( people willing to keep after they travel)

2. require outside sources such as phone storage, internet access

3. not everyone knows about it

4. users need to take action first

Inspiration: App

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Inspiration: Product


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