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China Southern Airlines Rebrand


China Southern Airline is the largest airline company in Asian, and the 4th in the world. The headquarter is in Guangzhou where is the 3rd largest city in China. This new branding is inspired by the names (city of flower, city of goat, city of tassel) and history of the city Guangzhou, it was the major terminus of the maritime Silk Road. 

Key attributes for the brand are: sincere attitude, streamlined experience, embracing different cultures, modern traditional, delightful journey and personalized service.

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App (in progress)


one month ago: search “Guangzhou” travel guide 

receive check ticket/ promotion notification on phone and watch app 

book ticket 

one day before trip: check in and preorder meal 

one the day of traveling: receive flight delay information on phone app and watch app 

on the way to airport: check airport check in wait time through the app 

get the the airport: navigate to the gate by using the phone


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