Cindy Hu







I participated in a 3 person team onsite at Adidas Portland to conceptualize and design a platform for women's sport community. The project included design research, brand strategy, service, product design, and UI/UX design.

My contribution was research, ideations, concept, and platform UX/UI design.



Adidas provides a platform for female collegiate athletes to be big sister mentors for high school female athletes.

Challenge - Why do female high school athletes drop out of sport?

38% - not having fun

27% - health or injury problems

36% - wants to focus on grades

22% - want to try other clubs

Challenge - Why do female high school athletes need mentors?

They drop out of sport.

They want to go to college.

They seek answers to questions they don’t want to ask their parents.

Solution part 1
Connect athletes with adiBigSis app, adiBand and adiReality.

Solution part 2
Utilizing existing mentor environments to extend 1 on one connections.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 7.42.06 PM.png

Personal 1: LittleSis

Natalie Cunningham - 16 years old

high school athlete @Plano East High School


1. injured during 100m dash

2. needs a mentor for rehabilitation

3. prefers female with familiarity

Persona 2: BigSis 

Jennifer Madu - 22 years old

collegiate athlete @Texas A&M


 1. wants to be a mentor to fulfill her collegiate community service 

2. wants a maximum of 3 high school athletes to mentor 

3. prefers a student from her alma mater

adiBigSis app

Natalie Cunningham found out the adiBigSis app through a summer camp she recently attended. She completed her profile which includes her dream colleges and reasons why she wanted to join.

Jennifer found out the adiBigSis from her college career center when she was looking to fulfill her collegiate community service.

They system matched Natalie and Jennifer because of commonalities: same high school, experienced severe ankle sprain, and Jennifer is currently attending one of Natalie’s dream colleges.


After connecting with Jennifer through the adiBigSis app. Natalie also purchased adiBand which monitors user’s heart rate, tracks location and speed. User can also change adiBand’s color to match their teammates’.


Jennifer is able to view Natalie’s status during her training, so she can provide real time feedbacks and guidance to help Natalie goes through the rehab period.